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High Definition Process Printing

Using High Definition process printing produces images on packaging with more detail, a greater range of color, and clarity than conventional printing, and offers consistency unmatched in the finished packaging product.

High definition process printing required a huge investment in equipment and training of our operators,  but is well worth it because now we can deliver superior results in graphic print packaging without additional cost or time. So your packages will stand out from others with crisper and sharper detail. Packages also have consistent color across the entire batch, and the detail on images allows for well-defined shadows and highlights unachievable with conventional printing processes. We also employ computerized ink-dispensing systems and quick-change sleeve presses which improves quality and speed in the process and even reduces waste.

By using high definition printing on your packages you can produce stunningly clear graphics that make your brand stand out. Additionally your packaging can reproduce the exact colors of your brand logo and maintain this color match from run-to-run.

Challenges of High Definition Printing in Packaging

Packaging materials like plastic, films, foils, and even brown paper can often be a challenge to print. However, by using flexographic inks which have a low viscosity – meaning that they are slow and sticky at a lower temperature – the packing material dries much faster which makes production faster, and can result in lower costs.

Since 2008 when Kodak introduced high definition flexography the print packaging industry has been able to better reproduce  highlights, shadows, lines and colors to the point where it approaches gravure-like print quality.  Additionally there are other advantages of high definition printing on packaging. A high-definition flexo system improves:

  • production efficiency
  • reduces costs,
  • makes exact image reproduction possible,
  • allows for changing printing plates quickly even at high printing speeds,
  • increases printing plate life
  • reduces the time it takes to make a plate
  • create more consistent print runs
  • reduces the number of colors required, and
  • improves quality.

What is High Definition Printing using Flexo?

The process combines hardware, software and the new flexo plate technology and produces a finer resolution. The resulting packaging has a better impact on consumers, is cheaper than conventional printing, and produces packages faster. In some cases it also allows for wider plates, giving it an added edge. Less time preparing photoshop files is also required, and this too can reduce the production time of graphic artists. Highly trained press operators also increase output, consistency and higher line speed.

Global Packaging uses high definition printing to adopt the best process to deliver outstanding results.  When clients use high definition printing for their packages, their brands stand out on shelves and the packaging production is as efficient possible every time.  High definition flexo printing has turned into an art form at Global Packaging.

If you have any other questions about our high definition printing for packaging, please give us a call at 610-666-1608. We can customize to your exact specifications.