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We design and manufacture poly bags and printed rollstock for every application — health and personal hygiene,  household products, fresh foods, frozen foods, snacks and baked goods, paper goods, pet food, bulk needs and more.

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Personal Hygiene & Health

See our work in every aisle of the store.  Custom films and bags for sanitary packaging, baby diapers, adult incontinence products, liners, underpads and wipes.

Frozen vegetables, entrees, potatoes, meatballs, fruit and more. Bakery items such as cakes, cookies, pastries, bagels, muffins, granola and energy bars. Snack foods of all varieties in a wide array of packaging sizes with a variety of customizations to maximize shelf life.

Overwrap for paper towels, tissue wraps, napkins, paper plates, cups, cutlery and wet and dry wipes packaging.

Pet Foods & Products

High barrier packaging solutions for pet foods, bird seed, pet snacks, treats, puppy pads, and more.

Building Materials

Printing on film for a variety of building material needs and applications, such as: insulation sheet surfaces where permeability, moisture resistance and long term performance are important.

Form-Fill-Seal (Bags and Rolls)

With such a variety of equipment for form-fill-seal, Global works with customers to optimize the perfect film and bag solution to run on their lines. We are film and poly bag experts and we’ll help you make the right choices.

Contract Packagers – Short Run, High SKU’s

Our quick-change press environment, state-of-the-art production process and 24/7 operation makes us an ideal partner for contract packagers where you need short runs across a large product line.