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Food packaging consists of any packaging necessary to keep food fresh until it reaches the end user. The individual packaging needs of one food item to the next vary, so a food packaging supplier should provide a wide variety of high quality products.

Global packaging provides polybags and printed rollstock for packaging fresh and frozen foods, snacks, and confectionary and bakery products. You can read more about our polybags and rollstock items.

Food Packaging Products for Every Food Type

The products that package food serve a variety of functions:

  • Prolong shelf life and seal in freshness
  • Provide tampering resistance
  • Protect contents from moisture, oxygen, dust, insects, and rodents
  • Display nutrition labels
  • Display warnings for food allergies (such as, “This product may contain nuts.”)
  • Market the product
  • Packaging individual units to multi-packs
  • Provide convenience for opening, closing, and eating on-the-go, as well as distribution, handling, stacking, displaying, and for the sale of the product ot the end user

Why Should Global be Your Food Packaging Supplier?

Global Packaging manufactures its own products. This means we have total control over the quality and variety of our polybags and rollstock products. We also have printing capabilities to put your logo, graphics, nutrition labels, and other important information on your packaging.

For decades, we have been helping clients protect and market their food items. We are the experienced food packaging supplier you need to prevent monetary loss from spoiled or damaged food due to faulty packaging.

Order Your Food Packaging Supplies Today!

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