Printed Roll Stock

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If you are looking for printed roll stock on flexible materials, look no further than Global Packaging! We produce a variety of printed and unprinted roll stock using a combination of films, papers and foils. In fact, we manufacture our own barrier films from both conventional and biopolymer resins, and we have the machines to make printed roll stock in a many different widths.

Printed roll stock is used to package products in many industries where packaging needs to be both flexible and eye catching, as well as meet FDA safety requirements. We manufacture printed roll stock for food, medical, and pet industries.

Why Choose Printed Roll Stock from Global Packaging?

We have the tools, equipment, and expert personnel to consistently create exceptional graphic reproductions on roll stock resulting in superior print quality. Using Global Packaging for your custom printed roll stock will create an eye catching package.

Our custom printed roll stock showcases all of the advantages of gravure printing but does it on flexible packaging with low minimum print volumes. This can be crucial for seasonal, short run, or private label products that require a cost effective form-fill seal package.

Advantages of Global Packaging’s Printed Roll Stock

Printed roll stock is a visually appealing way for brands to add logo, artwork and product information to health products, food and pet product packaging. Roll stock ensures products are freshly sealed which increases product lifespan, and customers appreciate easily seeing that product seals have not been broken. We can offer the following printed roll stock advantages:

  • Combinations of films, foils and papers
  • Seals or product barrier options
  • Exceptional graphic reproductions
  • Fast turn around

To learn more about our rollstock packaging and other rollstock products, contact us today!