Packaging for Paper Products

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Packaging for paper products is typically made of plastic film and is often referred to as “polywrap” or “overwraps”. There are two main types of plastic films, which are shrink wraps and film wraps.

  • Shrink wraps are made of a polymer plastic called polyethylene. They tightly shrink around whatever they’re holding when heat is applied.
  • Film wraps are also polymer plastics made of polyethylene or polypropylene. These films wrap around a product and seal with adhesive, tape, or heat seals.

Common examples include the plastic film or bags around paper towels, napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, plastic cutlery, and other household paper products, such as wipes.

Uses of Plastic Overwrap Packaging for Paper Products

Plastic film packaging for paper products has a handful of purposes:

  • Wrap single items, such as one roll of paper towels, or combine multiple items or packages into a larger multi-pack
  • Provide protection from dirt, water, insects, and other contaminants
  • Keep an item buy prednisone intact during transportation
  • Provide evidence of tampering or premature opening of a package
  • Prevent pilferage (the theft of part of a package’s contents)
  • Provide a place to display logos, graphics, advertising, warnings, instructions, barcodes, etc.

Why Choose Global as Your Supplier of Packaging for Paper Products?

Global Packaging manufactures its own overwraps. We provide a large variety of sizes and strengths so our customers can find any packaging for paper products they need from one source. In addition to providing overwraps, we also provide printing services. We can print any information you need on the packaging, such as your logo and advertising slogans, warning labels, instructions, barcodes, other graphics about the product (such as “Made with 100% recycled material”), and more.

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