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Laminated Film Supplier and Experts in Solventless Lamination 2017-04-04T23:12:46-05:00

As a laminated film supplier we are sensitive to packaging that requires special needs. Certain types of products are ideal for the process of solventless lamination because lamination stops solvent migration from the package to the product. Examples of product packaging requiring solventless lamination are food items that need to stay fresh (like bread or other bakery items, spices and sauces) wet wipes, frozen foods, pharmaceuticals, any food that is ready-to-eat out of the package, cereal, and dry pet food.

Why Are We a Laminated Film Supplier?

We manufacture and supply a wide variety of lamination films in many different lengths, core sizes, and textures. We are a one-stop shop for companies that need packaging and do not have their own lamination machines, and can tailor our laminated films to suit many specific needs. From standard laminating film, films offering many levels of thicknesses, to specialty films designed for digital prints and nylon films used in single-sided applications, we are your one-stop laminated film supplier.

Why Many Manufacturers Prefer Solventless Lamination

Laminating joins two or more flexible packaging webs (such as films, papers, or foils) together by placing a bonding agent between them. Our lamination machines apply adhesive to one flexible packaging web and then press the second web against it to create a strong two-layer, laminated bond.

  • Adhesive Lamination – uses a liquid as a bonding agent. This is used primarily for paper-aluminum foil laminate in flexible packaging. Another adhesive lamination process involves applying the liquid bonding agent to one of the webs and then evaporating it in a drying oven. The other web is joined to this coated web by using strong pressure from heated rollers, producing a strong laminate

Most manufacturers request solvent-less lamination because it does not involve any solvents (which by definition are able to dissolve other substances), thus preventing any unintentional leaking of solvents into their products.

Solvent-less adhesives create a tight bond between laminated plastics. Additionally,  solventless lamination does not require drying, which speeds up the process and allows our machines to run at full speed on every job, maximizing productivity and keeping your costs down.

Why Should Global be Your Laminated Film Supplier?

Because Global is a laminated film supplier, we have complete control over the quality of our films. We can guarantee the freshness and safety of your packaged goods because we also specialize in solvent-less lamination processes.

If you have any other questions about our solventless lamination process or our ability as a laminated film supplier, please give us a call at 610-666-1608. We can design flexible packaging to your exact specifications.