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Flexo Printing for Packaging

“Flexo printing” is an abbreviated term for “flexography” – a process that produces printing from a flexible relief plate. This process allows for printing on almost any material such as plastic, metallic films, cellophane, and paper. It is particularly good for printing vast areas of solid color, especially on food packages because it incorporates food-safe inks.

Flexo printing for packaging incorporates high definition printing on polybags or rollstock for stunning colors and graphic clarity. The reason flexo printing for packaging is so widely used is due to the advancements in the process, which has lead to this high definition, low cost, flexible printed packaging. The process uses photopolymer printing plates, digital technology, fast ink-washout, laser etching, and requires a highly skilled operator. The results are stunning, reproducing photo-quality color values.

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer – Why Choose Global for Flexo?

Using computerized ink-dispensing systems, our flexo printing for packaging process delivers high-quality printing on large packaging orders with very little waste. Global Packaging manufactures our own barrier films so that we can easily provide a variety of widths and repeats. We also make our own polybags in a variety of strengths, opacities, and puncture resistances to meet diverse client specifications. Flexo printing is perhaps one of the most effective processes for package printing.

Uses for Flexo Printing on Packaging

There are many uses for flexographic printing:

  • Protect products during shipping.
  • Protect products while they are in storage.
  • Eye catching marketing and branding of products.

Flexible Packaging Manufacturer Recommended Materials

The reason flexo printing works so well on flexible packaging materials is that it uses inks that have a low viscosity for faster drying and faster production, which translates into lower costs for our customers. Flexo is best used for packaging challenges, such as hygiene bags, food packaging, disposable paper goods, healthcare products, pet food bags, fresh & frozen food items, and more.

Many industries use flexo printing for packaging, and as a flexible packaging manufacturer, we’ve outlined some of them on our industry page here: https://www.glopkg.com/industries/

Enhance Your Package with High Definition Flexo Printing by Global Packaging!

If you would like to discuss flexo printing options for your products, please give us a call at 610-666-1608. As a leading flexible packaging manufacturer, we can design flexo packaging specifically for your brand and product.